Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Good Morning...

I was reminded this morning that how we start our day
        can determine our day...
"One reason a morning prayer time is so critical is because we never know when a matter is going to arise that needs attention "at once". We don't always get to deliberate about it for several days or weeks and study our options. If we're not surrendered to God already that day with our hearts and minds guarded by Scripture, we'll more likely react by impulse than by the Holy Spirit.
Every morning God already knows each joy and concern our day holds. Some crises are so horrendous that we feel like nothing could have prepared us for them.
Other times we can see that God strategically placed the truths on our minds that would become hope and assurance to us for months to come." beth moore
So...let's be prepared in advance to be victorious
       in whatever situation might arise.
Because "arise" it will~

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